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TWB's Q-and-A-Palooza: The CSI Sheboygan of Mailbags

Two guys who've grown on me

A little light this week, but that's alright. Let's jump right in:

Who is a worker who has grown on you?

David McKinney

I'm going to name two, because both guys started out in the DO NOT WANT bin and have both grown to be enjoyable. The first is Randy Orton. From when he broke in all the way to the beginning of 2009, he was dreadfully boring to me. Too much reliance on restholds to lengthen a match. You could tell he was trying too hard. Then, something seemed to click, because his matches started to get a lot more enjoyable to the point where I look forward to seeing him, as long as he's not wrestling Triple H, that is.

The second one is Batista. I don't know why, but he seems more focused now that he's a dick heel. His match with Rey Mysterio on Smackdown was awesome until Undertaker used his demon voodoo to cause a non-finish. I think his WM match with Cena was the best one on the card too.

After the jump...Better worker in 2010: MVP or Chris Masters?


This question is way harder to answer than one might thing. Thing is, Masters and MVP are on two different paths. Masters is a guy who started out as just a statuesque McMahon-fetish wrestler who could barely move and then got canned for wellness. With his second chance, the guy has actually looked like a credible wrestler and he seems to be getting better with each week. He's got a good grasp of how to work a powerhouse offense, and the guy's selling is underrated.

MVP, however, has shown flashes of greatness in the past, but ever since that match with Orton where Shane McMahon came in and absorbed his heat like a vacuum cleaner sucks up dust, he's just seemed disinterested in the ring. Very disappointing. It's almost like he's wrestling in pudding in some appearances.

That doesn't really answer your question though. I don't know. MVP looked pretty good last week on Smackdown, so maybe he's turning a corner. I think I'll go with him by a hair for now, but surprisingly, the guy with the bigger upside to me is Masters, and if he keeps stringing together those neat little matches on Superstars where he's bumping for guys and really selling the Masterlock as more of a story rather than just some move he slaps on, then he'll surpass MVP.

How would you book Samoa Joe in the WWE?

Jim Sirigos

I'd bring him in, send him to Florida to get in shape for six months, and then bring him in and start feeding lowcarders to him and build him up to an eventual showdown with his old rival, CM Punk. I wouldn't give him an undefeated streak per se, because I don't want the streak to overshadow him. Maybe give him a few losses via castigo de excesivo or an early PPV main event loss against Undertaker or John Cena or someone established where he takes that guy to his absolute limits and fails only after sustaining major damage. But yeah, Punk/Joe is one of the few indie bloodfeuds that I think would translate really well to the big stage. That gives you like three or four PPVs worth of good matches, and then afterwards, Joe is ready for a World Title.

Can I ask questions about Chikara?

Justin (FW poster)

You sure can!

If you were a wrestler who was fortunate enough to be in a match with Morishima, and he told you about this spot, what would your response be?

bpc532 (Chikara101 poster)

"You got enough money to cover my hospital stay?"

If someone wanted to know why you are a wrestling fan, what are the top three matches you would have them watch, and why?

Anonymous Formspringer

Excellent, excellent question, goodly anonymous asker. I'd break it down into three different categories and give a match that represents each.

Why am I a fan of the form on the whole? Don't laugh, but Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter, WrestleMania VII. Yeah, it was sort of a pandering angle looking back, but as a kid, that was high drama, the ultimate story of good vs. evil, where good triumphed and right won out.

Why am I a fan of the actual art of wrestling as pertains to in-ring? Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage, WrestleMania III. It's not even close. That was the match that opened my eyes and made me realize there was more to the form than just the characters and the stories, that there was beauty and intricacy to what they actually did in the ring.

Why do I love the indies and seek the sub-mainstream out? The Colony vs. the BDK B-Team from King of Trios '10, night 2. It displayed everything that was good about the independent scene, and that it's not just about the FLIPZ~! like some might think.

Just a reminder, no QandAPalooza next week. Going to a wedding out of state, and while I may be bringing a laptop with me to update some things, I won't have time for a mailbag. The Palooza will be back in two weeks time!

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