Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Is the Best Angle in History (Punk, Trips, ComiCon)

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So yeah, WWE has a presence at the big big HUGE ZOMG San Diego Comic Convention, which is recognized as ComiCon amongst the nerd community. Triple H, Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio and Brian Gewirtz were all there. According to reports, so was CM Punk. Guess which one showed up uninvited? Yep, it was the erstwhile WWE Champion. As reported by Matt Fowler in the above linked article, the WWE is doing angles at venues outside of television.

Punk showed up with the Spinner Belt and confronted Trips over the tournament to crown a paper Champion in his stead and why Zack Ryder wasn't getting TV time. Trips told him to give him a call, to which Punk insinuated that Stephanie already had his number. Implied sexual relations are the best ones.

When the video surfaces, I'll be sure to post it, but man, they are really kicking this angle off with a bang, aren't they? Seriously, this could very well be the first viral mainstream wrestling angle in history, and I for one wholly approve of it.

ETA: Here's the video!


  1. Quality kind of sucks but here is a video

  2. When I heard Punk was going to ComicCon I was hoping this was exactly what they would do. Punk should be popping up during the next few weeks with the belt, taking it with him wherever he goes and making sure that it's known he considers whomever is named the new WWE champion is illegitimate because he is the true champion. This was an audience filled with jaded fans, the kind who still love WWE but roll their eyes when John Cena comes out and they EXPLODED for him when he came in.
    WWE is so far playing this absolutely right. The product seems relevant. It seems edgy. We don't know what's going to happen next. They are tapping into the groundswell of fans on the Internet that wants to love this product but feels it's not what they want anymore. It's bloody brilliant and we may be watching the seeds of the angle that is going to make wrestling super hot again.
    Punk is money. And so far WWE is doing everything right.

  3. I'm here and Punk is just mobbed with people. An insane amount of attention and heat. Punk is over with the casual crowd in a way I haven't seen since The Rock.

    -Travis Beaven

  4. DuckSauceWarriorJuly 21, 2011 at 6:19 PM

    I wonder if Punk is going to show up at random "Live Events" every 30 days now, unannounced at first, to defend and not get officially stripped. It is something of a middle-term strategy, but it could drive up house show business...

  5. Punk wins via KO at the 1:45 mark with Stephanie has my number.

  6. has a good quality video of this MAJESTIC event.

  7. Welp, never thought I'd see "cuckolding as a wrestling angle" as a tag here. Never say never in pro wrestling, I guess.

    This was fucking great though. Interestingly, Hunter didn't play heel in that clip, which I really liked. I'm not quite sure if I want to see a heeled out Triple H in this angle right now, since he IS seeming to only do what's best for the WWE in his mind. That's not the agenda of a heel, at least not quite yet.

    @DuckSauceWarrior: According to Wikipedia, Punk's already been stripped, and the winner of Miz/Misterio will be the "official", if disputed, WWE Champion. They're basically treating it like they treated Shawn Michaels' IC Title during his angle w/Razor Ramon, or how New Japan treated Brock Lesnar/Kurt Angle's 3rd Generation IWGP belt in real life.


    Better quality video of the entrance and exit. Nod. And I agree, I really like the approach of Triple H trying to be as respectful as possible, while still protective of the E.

    And if they do crown Rey Rey I do soooo hope that they create a new looking WWE title for the occasion. Punk has been prophetic about everything else so far.