Thursday, September 8, 2011

RIP Frank Talent

According to several sources on Twitter, Frank Talent, the representative for the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission who was on hand for a fair majority of the Chikara shows, has passed away. He would always verbally tangle with the wrestlers, most famously here, getting Icarus to say "I HATE YOU FRANK TALENT"

This is legitimately saddening. RIP Frank Talent.


  1. His viewing is Monday night (Sept 12th) at 7-9pm and Tuesday 8-9am. Funeral services will begin at 10am at Givnish Funeral home located at 10975 Academy Road


    Givnish Funeral Home located at 10975 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA
    The Viewing will be ***MONDAY 7-9pm and Tuesday 8-9am then transported to St. Ambrose Church at C & Roosevelt Blvd. for 10:00am Mass. He will then be laid to rest at Resurrection Cemetary (Hulmes Rd) in Bensalem,

  3. i will miss you uncle frank and I will always love you

  4. I sent this to the editor of the public record about the snooper.

    Truth be known Mr Frank Talent was and always will be THE SNOOPER and the CHIEF INSPECTOR

    To: Editors of the Public Record

    I have read the snoop column for some time. The snoop has covered a number of topics and subjects. Most are amusing. Some serious others funny, at times very good and others not so good. It's refreshing to see the true good, the bad and the ugly about our great city. I have noticed the snoop has done articles on every one from the Mayer (I don't know why, perhaps to suck up. The brothers are running the city you know) to Judges, from the D.A. to the street cop down to the sanitation engineer (trash person) and topics on sports from softball to pro. sports including wrestling.

    If she or he with a name like (the snoop) I am guessing she was any good (she) or this person would have looked closer at one people she had written about in the past.

    MR. Frank Talent. This man has been with our great city for a number of years. Served every Mayer From MR. Frank Rizzo till present Mayer street. MR. Talent has done everything from deliver babies in the hallways of city hall to stop crime in the street, which your paper written about.

    MR. Talent has been involved in sports as far back as the roller derby (The warriors) to wrestling at the arena on market street, Neighborhood softball to pro sports and everything between including community and charitable services at many hospitals not only in the area but as far as Redding

    This I know. I was assistant scout master some 36 years ago when MR. Talent donated his time and services to our troop. MR. Talent peeked my interest with his commitment and drive to kids so I kept tabs on him over the years.

    It's amazing what one man can do for a city and sports. I've often wondered why he was not Athletic Commissioner, Honored and recognized for his accomplishments and contributions by our fine city. MR. Talent has touched many lives and willing to help anyone whom needs it.

    This city has no idea what an asset it has and ignored. Philadelphia is a great city because of people like him

    I challenge anyone whom is in office or not MR. Talent has helped over the years to write and support him. Come on all of you sports and wrestling fans, judges, lawyers and yes even our governor MR. Rendell He was and is there for you. Be there for him.... Charles Fuller


    Dear Snoop

    If you are any good! Can you find out who the Batman of city Hall is?

    TIP (you need one)

    Check the front page covers of the Daily News in the 70's.