Friday, October 14, 2011

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 23: Brandon Stroud II

Photo Credit: John Hyperion/DDS
Episode 23: Koppo Kick Out the Jams

Brandon Stroud of With Leather returns to talk Chikara among other things. We discuss Kana, Sara del Rey, how they won over his mother, the roster wrestling almost every match on the card with only two of three ropes, the awesome that is Archibald Peck and his new mascot as well as the development of Tursas. We take several sidetracks to discuss ACH, the crapulence of WWE, which wrestlers were better wrestlers than Triple H let alone the broomstick he reputed were better than everyone else and reflecting on the memory of JT Lightning. We also talk baseball, The Dugout, my hatred for Brian Wilson and the fact that he got an honest to God baseball player to retweet his latest Dugout post. We close by me badgering him about starting a podcast. Good times!

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