Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Defense of the Muppets

Heart-warming moment of the night.
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Absolute Intense Wrestling last night on their Twitter was complaining about the Muppets being on RAW. They wanted "more wrestling" (despite the fact that there were three long matches of really good quality) and to see guys like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Now, I like AIW, I support them, but that doesn't mean I agree with them on everything. Last night was one of those occurrences.

The Muppets on RAW last night were great because they were entertaining and fun. Wrestling should be fun. If it isn't, then Christ, what the hell are we watching for? From a total technical standpoint, they didn't interfere in anything. The Muppets weren't the ones who got over; instead, they were instruments for the wrestlers to get over, storytelling tools if you will. The only way the Muppets weren't enjoyable on that show last night is if a person wasn't a fan of them to begin with, and rather than say something that'll spark a flame war in the comments (or more specifically, flames directed at me), I'll just say it's a matter of taste.

But yeah, that Beaker/Sheamus interaction was probably in the top 5 of things I saw this year in wrestling, and no one else can tell me otherwise. Sorry AIW, I love you guys, but I couldn't disagree with you any more than I already do about this.