Monday, November 28, 2011

King Kong Mosca Is Still a Feisty Old Man

Angelo Mosca has had a pretty neat career. He was one of the guys in wrestling who was imported over from football when his playing career was over, and he actually had a good run as King Kong Mosca in the territories. He was also at one point an announcer for the WWF, earning himself an Observer Award for "Worst Wrestling Announcer". Dubious. Anyway, here's video of him showing his old heel antics at a Canadian Football League luncheon honoring old players. Watch what happens after he tells Joe Kapp to "shove it up his ass". Like a good villain, Mosca takes a beating... wait, what do you mean that wasn't scripted? What do you mean that was a legit ass-whipping? Ah well, watch anyway. It's great, it really is.