Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 29: John Hyperion II (The JoshiMania Episode)

It's coming...
Graphic credit: ChikaraPro.com
Episode 29: Death Rey Magnetic

It's almost time for JoshiMania, and to talk about this seminal event for the year, I brought in a guy who's forgotten more about joshi than most people, myself included, will probably ever learn, John Hyperion of the Dirty Dirty Sheets. We talk all about the event as well as the roots, influence and art of joshi. These women definitely bring the passion, emotion and intensity to the ring the likes which most people have never seen. Obviously, we talk about Sara del Rey, Aja Kong and the incomparable Manami Toyota, but John lays some knowledge down about folks like Tsubasa Kuragaki, Mio Shirai (who turned down a marriage proposal in the most delightful way) and the soon-retired Kaori Yoneyama. We also talk about del Rey as a potential Wrestler of the Year candidate, the prospect of males wrestling on the three cards, women fans, better wrestling writing and how important photography is in wrestling journalism. This is a must-listen, especially for people may want to find out more about what good women's wrestling is all about.

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