Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 42: Brandon Stroud III

Rachel Summerlyn in yoga pants:
Argument - INVALID
Photo Credit: Texas Anarchy
Episode 42: Bleed American Dragon

Brandon Stroud of With Leather is back for his third go-around as podcast guest, and boy does this one go off the rails. Thankfully for everyone involved, I personally love it when the podcast goes off track though, because it usually ends up as a good time. This is no exception. We start out discussion Elimination Chamber and the latest ACW event (featuring talented women wrestling in yoga pants - best of both worlds!), meander into a discussion on why the misogyny towards Eve is bad (hint, it has to do with impressionable fans) and then throw praise on the angle before the point where Cena dressed her down because wacky pro wrestling tropes kinda rule. We also discuss Bully Ray, Chavo Guerrero, CM Punk becoming good again and Sheamus as innocuous stereotype. We really get off track when there's a fully formed discussion on the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender, including a sidebar on how terrible the movie adaptation of it was. Plus, there are plenty of references to food. Hopefully, it's as much a blast to listen to as it was to record it.

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