Monday, March 26, 2012

The 2011 A1W 100: Meet Your Voters and Others Receiving Votes

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Madison Eagles with Manami Toyota in a bridging Indian death lock. Both women were *this* close to making the list
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Welcome to the unveiling of the A1W 100. To recap, this is a list based on what goes on between the bells in the ring. Ballots were open to the Internet community at large with 32 people submitting them. The criteria to be used were anything that the voter thought enhanced the match, whether they were moves, selling, psychology, crispness, realism or whatever else that person thought the wrestlers voted for did. Before we get started, here are the people who submitted ballots this year:

TH - Inconsequential amateur food blogger

Rob Franklin - TWB reader and CLASH Wrestling aficionado

Robert Dorman - Writer of Hitting the Mark

Alex Torres - TWB reader and indie wrestling fanatic

Barry Savant - Anarchy Championship Wrestling ring announcer

Niall Harkiss - A1W forum member

Okori Wadsworth - TWB reader, podcast guest and writer for The Starting Five

Samantha Allen - TWB reader and Chikara devotee

Kevin Friskey - TWB reader and fellow CHIKARMY member

Dave Musgrave - Co-host of the Wrestling Culture podcast and token Canadian voter

Mike Germano - TWB reader

Always Heel - Mysterious TWB reader

Caleb Horton - TWB reader

Dave Maes - TWB reader, A1W lurker and serial train collector

Robert Lamb - A1W poster and Southern eccentric

Jarret Aubry - Webmaster of A1W, TWB reader and one of the only people I know who unironically likes Nickelback

Norko Kipte - Emcee of the A1 Podcast, contributor to South Atlanta Wrestling and the world's only Houndstooth Lantern

Chus Killalea - A1W poster, TWB reader and troll genius

Seth Zillman - Co-host of the A1 Podcast

Luke – Punk Rock Comedy - TWB reader and fan of three chords arranged hilariously

Lee Spriggs - TWB reader

Eric Smith - TWB reader

John Hyperion - Managing editor of Dirty Dirty Sheets and noted Joy Division fetishist

Cameron Riley - Token Aussie voter, TWB reader and podcast guest

Vince Morales - TWB reader, author of Miller Park Drunk and co-purveyor of the Heck Yeah Chikara! Tumblr

Devon Hales - Southern wrestling conservationist and brother of Dylan

Chris Sloboda - TWB reader and resident Florida Gator fan

James Varga - TWB reader and Vegas high roller

Dylan Hales - Co-host of the Wrestling Culture podcast, TWB reader and brother of Devon

Brandon Infinger - TWB reader, A1W poster and best friend of 8-Ball the Tiger

Brandon Stroud - Managing editor of With Leather, purveyor of the Dugout and Best and Worst of RAW and fourth most famous wrestling-related Vegan in history

Matt Jones - TWB reader, A1W poster and one of only 12 people in America who like soccer

The "Others Receiving Votes" section will appear after the jump:

Now that everyone is introduced, let's get to the list. To start off, here are the wrestlers who received votes but did not make the final list, in order from highest point total to lowest:

Kyle Matthews
Manami Toyota
Kyle O'Reilly
Josh Prohibition
Serena Deeb
Madison Eagles
Cheerleader Melissa
Brian Kendrick
Primo Colon
UltraMantis Black
Michael McGillicutty
Matt Morgan
Jimmy Jacobs
Doug Williams
Matt Cross
Ricardo Rodriguez
Charlie Haas
Ezekiel Jackson
Booker T
Madison Rayne
Scott Steiner
AR Fox
Marion Fontaine
Davey Vega
Luke Gallows
Paul London
Brodus Clay
The Rock
Ayako Hamada
Soldier Ant
Darin Childs
Pierre Abernathy
Arik Cannon
Mia Yim
Kid Kash
Gail Kim
Low Ki
Darren Young
Rhett Titus
Jimmy Rave
Ace Rockwell
Sarita/Sarah Stock
Damien Sandow
Nicole Matthews
Steve Corino
TJ Perkins
Jesse Sorensen
Drew Delight
Sean Waltman/1-2-3 Kid
Derrick Bateman
Dick Togo
Jerry Lynn
Robbie E
Sugar Dunkerton
Masato Yoshino
Shannon Moore
Jason "The Gift" Kincade
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Chase Owens
Evan Gelistico
Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Ayumi Kurihara
Gary Jay/Gerald James
Mat Fitchett
Devon Dudley
Joey Ryan
Jason Bane
Eric Young
Jessica James/Lady Poison
Scot Summers
Veda Scott
Damien Wayne
JT LaMotta
Pretty Peter Avalon
Atsushi Kotoge
Khris Wolfe
Daisuke Harada
Jaykus Plisken
Derrick King
Shawn Vexx
Jake Crist
Kota Ibushi
Darin Corbin
Tyler Reks
Hiroyo Matsumoto
Uhaa Nation
Dan Walsh
Matt Hardy
Kory Chavis
Amanda Fox
Player Dos
Jake Davis
Bill Dundee
Jimmy Uso
Necro Butcher
Jey Uso
Johnny Viper

I don't solicit blurbs for people who don't make the list, but Devon decided he was going to write one for Johnny Viper anyway. Honestly, I dig it, because he's a guy who didn't make the list, and guys who don't make the list who aren't from a mainstream promotion usually don't do so because they're underexposed. So, read this, and check Viper out!

Devon Hales: - This is a guy on the southern Indy circuit from my area in East Tennessee. He has a pretty convincing heel shtick and his interactions with the crowd are very good. Some of his offense is fairly innovative and fun to watch. With all that said his bumping is superb. Probably the best reckless style bumper in the southern Indy circuit I've seen. I placed him as my final number 30 spot because he's a guy who I feel deserves recognition considering where he works and the lack of exposure.

RJ City
Johnny Goodtime
Rich Swann
Husky Harris
Harry Smith
Alex Riley
Sebastian Suave
Heath Slater
Kevin Nash
Drew Haskins
Jessicka Havok
Pinkie Sanchez
Christina Von Eerie
Mercedes Martinez
Chris Hamrick
Mike Bennett
Player Uno
Daizee Haze
Mathieu St. Jacques
The Pope
Percy Watson
Su Yung
Jeff Jarrett
Mike Bailey
Scorpio Sky
Curt Hawkins
Tony Kozina
BJ Whitmer
Dasher Hatfield
Awesome Andy/Saber Cat
Tomasso Ciampa
Bolt Brady
Bobby Beverly
Shane Hollister
Jeremy Wyatt
KC Karrington
Adam Pearce
Terry Funk
Great Khali
Chavo Guerrero
Dave Crist
Mark Krieger
Tony Nese
Tamina Snuka
Greg Iron
Preston Quinn
Amazing Red
Jake Manning
Super Dragon
Jamie Dundee
Bryce Benjamin
Dr. McCarver
Joey Marx
Ricky Morton
Kellie Skater
Tommy Treznik
Velvet Sky
Jinder Mahal
Sterling James Keenan/Corey Graves
Vordell Walker
Jessie McKay
Johnny Yuma
Matt Striker
Petey Williams
Hulk Hogan
Rob Terry
Gavin Quinn
Rickey Shane Page/Christian Faith
Flip Kendrick
Louis Lyndon
Doug Somers
Jeff Daniels
Jon Davis
Chris Michaels
Ryan Taylor
Mark Haskins
Steven Walters
Mike Posey
Corey Hollis
Tito Santana
Eve Torres
Jordan Lennox
Leo Kruger
Mason Ryan
Kelly Kelly
Stupid W. Tweety
Cedric the Hitman
Bobby Shields

Now that all the prelude is out of the way, we'll get started with the unveiling of the list tomorrow.