Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 58: Patrick Vint

It's only a sandwich.
Episode 58: Ziggy Goldust

Patrick Vint of Black Heart, Gold Pants and Slow States checks in on this episode of the podcast. The aftermath of No Way Out brings out some great topics, including the douche-off between Paul Heyman and Triple H, how lucky we are to have Daniel Bryan and CM Punk wrestling every week, the character development (or lack thereof) of the Divas and the anomaly of AJ, comedy wrestling's viability in the main event and whether card placement is all that important. Pat laments Santino Marella's slow descent back into the genpop, while I compare the Royal Rumble match to sex and pizza. We move into some college football talk, including whether it's reasonable or not to expect teams outside the handful of perennial powers to make a run for the National Championship, the looming playoff and whether the SEC can be stopped. Finally, we hit up some beer and food talk, including cheeseburgers and Chick-fil-A.

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