Thursday, October 4, 2012

Benefit Show for Charade Announced

Photo Via Beyond Wrestling's Site
Attendees at Beyond Wrestling's most recent show, Armory Amore, witnessed a legitimately scary moment when Charade, an Atlanta-based wrestler, landed head first flush on the canvas attempting a double-rotation moonsault. He was sent to the hospital with many people convinced they just witnessed a man die in the middle of the ring. Very thankfully, he survived and is currently in good spirits. He suffered a fractured skull and will be on the shelf for 2-4 months.

Of course, given that he's a fledgling independent wrestler, he doesn't have insurance. Going to the hospital for a fractured skull can rack up some sick bills, and he nor Beyond Wrestling have the funds to cover them at present date. So, in order to make sure he can pay the hospital, Beyond Wrestling is holding a charity fundraiser on Sunday, November 4th at the Knights of Columbus in Bridgewater, MA. Doors open at 12 PM with a 3 PM belltime. Why the disparity between open and bell? Well, because it's a Charade Charity Chowdown, that's why.

Drew Cordeiro is well-regarded in the wrestling world for the caliber of concessions he has at his live events. Everything's homemade, and from what I hear, it's delicious. He's going to be flexing his culinary muscle and providing Sunday lunch (brunch? early dinner?) for those who want to get their grub on. The menu is listed here (as are all other ordering details and such), and it includes Italian favorites like chicken escarole soup, chicken parm and fettucine alfredo.

There are three options available. You can go to eat, to watch wrestling or to do both. There are prices for all three, and all proceeds will go towards helping pay Charade's medical bills. This is an awesome thing, and anyone who can help by attending should do so. You'll get a great meal and an awesome slate of wrestling to boot.