Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't Be Fooled By Attention Paid to the Women's Division

"Ewww, gross!" -- Some sexually deprived member of the WWE creative thinktank
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Take a look at Rosa Mendes. Seriously, take a good look at the above picture. If you are the kind of person who finds women to be sexually attractive, take another look and ask yourself if you do in fact find her to have qualities you look for in a woman. It's okay if you don't; there are scant few things in this world more subjective than what arouses us. However, I think most of us can agree that most people would see a reason why she'd be attractive, right?

So, outside of a crippling mental neurosis that we don't know about Hornswoggle, why would he tell her that no one would want to kiss or give flowers to her? Of course, the reason would be that she's a "bitch." The hot girl gets less hot if she's a bitch, right? Well sure, but that would require Mendes to have done something that would require her getting that scorn. Turns out, all you have to do to deserve getting water squirted in your face out of fake flowers is be on the wrong side of the alignment ledger.

The fact that WWE expects us to agree with Hornswoggle and think Mendes is gross speaks volumes at how little progress they've made in gender relations. Oh yeah, we're supposed to be impressed because AJ Lee was made general manager after fooling Daniel Bryan? Oh, they're letting the women wrestle for more than thirty seconds in a match! Oh, and simultaneous feuds within the division! All of that? It's window-dressing.

The fact that the division is called the "Divas" division should have been a cue that they really haven't changed their attitude towards wome in the company. The fact that they expect us to go "GROSS!" at Mendes because Hornswoggle, the theoretically lovable good guy mascot, says so means things haven't changed at all.

Of course, I wonder if this is a strawman argument. How many people really thought WWE had changed in such a short time? Still, I think last night shows that they haven't even begun to change, and that's sad.