Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 79: Rachel Summerlyn II

Confirmed demonic possession? LISTEN AND FIND OUT
Photo Credit: Brandon Stroud
Episode 79: Endless Summerlyn

The lovely and talented Rachel Summerlyn is back on the podcast, and this time, she's the Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, bitches! I peel back the layers and try to get the skinny on the Lone Star Classic from her perspective as the wrestler who actually won the dang thing. She describes having to be super-focused to beat ACH and how she used a hamburger as a weapon against Evan Gelistico. We then get into previewing her next match, a six-way Family Christmas Death Match against a rogue's gallery of the finest Joshis ACW has to offer. I also offer her a Wrestler of the Year win if she chokes someone out with a Cosby sweater during the match. She puts over a ton of awesome wrestlers, including Jerry Lynn, Daffney, Jessicka Havok, ACH, Matthew Palmer, Scot Summers, and Barbi Hayden. We finish up by discussing Thanksgiving and reminiscing about when Survivor Series used to be on the night before Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, we both had some kind of pumpkin pie variant before the show.

Check her out at St. Louis Anarchy's Yuletide Terror on December 7th as she wrestles Angelus Layne and at the aforementioned ACW event, Delusions of Our Childish Days, on my birthday, December 16th.

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