Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 80: K. Sawyer Paul IV (and a Half)

CM Punk lit the powder keg for this week's discussion
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Episode 80: Love This Andre the Giant

K. Sawyer Paul, the great benefactor of the server space for this podcast as well as purveyor of the International Object blog and podcast, returned to the show to talk about wrestling journalism. We get into a huge discussion on wrestling journalism, which tends to happen when we get together. KSP actually has some sympathy for the dirtsheet writers, even if he thinks they do an awful job by and large. I wonder if they still like wrestling anymore, but neither one of us begrudges them their audience or their business model. We jaunt off into topics like the cultural lagging of most mainstream wrestling companies, the existence of those who are wrestling fans for four hours a year during Mania, analogues to wrestling journalism in other branches, and whether it takes a degree of Stockholm Syndrome to enjoy dirtsheet writing. We move onto the things we're looking forward to. For me, it's the Chikara season finale, which I argue might be more of a signpost rather than an event full of resolution. KSP's answer is the Rumble and the road to Mania.

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