Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wrestling Six Packs: Opponents for Rachel Summerlyn for the ACW Championship

This is the greatest picture of her with the title yet
Photo Credit: Texas Anarchy
Rachel Summerlyn has scaled the top of the mountain in Anarchy Championship Wrestling, but scaling the mountain is only half the journey. She has to fight a bunch of battles to stay there, because you know as well as I do she didn't get there to get knocked off after one defense. We know her first defense, on my birthday no less, is going to be in a Family Christmas Deathmatch against five other Joshis. After that, it's Darin Childs at Guilty by Association 7. We all know she's taking both those matches easy, right? Well, once she does, here are six more challengers I'd like to see her take on, part native, part visitor:

1. Matthew Palmer

We've already seen this match for the World Hardcore Championship, and the results were sublime. So, why see it again? Summerlyn needs to get redemption for getting thrown off a balcony. She also needs to face the best, and in a place where everyone is crazy, shouldn't she have to prove herself against the craziest guy in the asylum?

2. Jessicka Havok

Speaking of needing to face off against the best, Havok may very well be the best wrestler on the circuit right now. Is there anyone hotter than her right now? That's a dual-pronged question, and the answer might be "no" on both fronts. Regardless, Summerlyn also has a score to settle with this zombie killer as well. Queen of Queens is serious business, no doubt. However, the Anarchy Championship? Yeah, those stakes are a tiny bit higher, especially when Summerlyn is the one with everything to lose here.

3. AR Fox

She's taken out ACH (although I'd like to see Summerlyn/ACH II: THE TECNICOENING), and as of right now, he's tied at four falls apiece in Absolute Intense Wrestling with Fox. What a tangled, explosive web that would be, eh? No, seriously though, Fox would fit like a glove in ACW, and I don't think anyone would question it if he got to pass Go, collect $200, and get his title shot, right?

4. Mat Fitchett

Fitchett was having one hell of a 2012 before tearing ligaments in his knee. Such an unfortunate injury. Anyway, when he gets back, wouldn't it be awesome to see him get a shot at Summerlyn? Plus, I think ACW owes it to him since his brother Murphy got popped in one of their rings, if you know what I mean.

5. Barbi Hayden

Hayden, in short order, has pretty much asserted her dominance over the Joshis. Still, as impressive as her pinning both members of the House of Paincakes at the same time was, I feel like the tension between the two leaves some of that dominance in the shadows. Look, I'm not saying she wouldn't be a challenge for Summerlyn. She would be a far more dangerous threat to take the Anarchy Title from Summerlyn than most wrestlers who might come in to challenge her for it. However, I think as with some of these other matches? Summerlyn has something to prove, and in the absence of other opponents, Hayden's not going to assert herself as hard as she may have in the past.

6. Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston should wrestle everybody.

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