Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Five: End of the Year

Here you go!

1. What was your match of the year?

2. Buy or sell: From a creative standpoint, the wrestling industry is in a good spot.

3. Have you checked out any new promotions this year, and if so, which ones?

4. What has been the most positive development in wrestling this year?

5. Who is your wrestler of the year?


  1. 1. It's a coin toss between Bryan and Sheamus at Extreme Rules,or Team Hell No and Ryback at TLC.

    2. Sell. I might be missing something, but other than the recent developments with The Shield, and Chikara's main storyline involving Quack and Jigsaw, I've not really enjoyed much else.

    3. Chikara, but again, I've only really dipped in and out with highlights.

    4. WWE finally elevating some new talent. Cesaro and Sandow arguably the two standout performers in 2012. The Shield are showing a lot of promise as well.

    5. Daniel Bryan. Has to be. He's embraced and enhanced everything put in front of him. Most importantly he's a phenomenal in ring performer.

  2. 1. HHH/Taker at WM. It had everything that made me a wrestling fan in the 80's, from clubbering blows to smelly cheese. Great stuff.

    2. Tentative Buy: Creatively, WWE and Chikara are on the uptick, but ROH and TNA have really gone down the toidy in 2012.

    3. Chikara. Ordered the 2012 King of Trios and was insanely impressed.

    4. The infusion of new talent. WWE has really brought some new names to the forefront, and even TNA elevated some fresh new names this year - if only for a moment.

    5. Daniel Bryan. I am a self-avowed CM Punk mark, but Bryan showed amazing versatility in 2012, everything from cowardly heel to comic foil.

    - Dave Maes (@dash8dx)

  3. 1. Bryan Punk at Over The Limit.
    2. Buy: Still some flaws here and there but wrestling is in a pretty sweet spot right now.
    3. I've started checking out more AIW, Beyond Wrestling, WSU. Diving into much more stuff.
    4. Stars like Cesaro, Sandow, Rhodes, Barrett getting good pushes with only a couple of dull points here and there.
    5. I will go with everyone else and say Daniel Bryan, not only for his amazing wrestling skills, but as he showed this year, his versatility.

  4. 1. Big Show/Sheamus @ HiaC, followed by Punk/Jericho @ Mania & Ziggs/Orton @ NoC. Honorable mention to D-Bry/Show/Mark Henry @ the Rumble.

    2. Buy - though as others have mentioned that RoH & Impact are shittier than week-old crap, Chikara's epicness & WWE's multilayering balance it out for me.

    3. Not really - It's hard to get anything else in the Philippines, though I've modified my DVD/VoD list, dropping Impact for Chikara.

    4. Unanimously, the elevation of new guys - this is what we need!

    5. (tie) Ziggs & Punk - Cmo'n, #RESPECT!Although Punk's fallen into the classic heel book, to hold the strap all year has to count for something, and Ziggs has just been on fire the whole year. His run with the Big Gold strap awaits.

  5. 1. Bryan-Shemus 2/3 Falls, Extreme Rules

    2. Sell. Everything feels a little stagnant at the moment, even where things are relatively good. So we're either in a bad period, or something dynamic is waiting in the wings.

    3. Chikara! Basically saved my life as a wrestling fan.

    4. Daniel Bryan cementing his place in the WWE universe. Runner up: influx of great young talent to wwe (Cesaro and Sandow in particular)

    5. The beard himself, Mr. Daniel Bryan Danielson.

  6. 1) Live: "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush vs. Colt Cabana, Chikara Shoot a Crooked Arrow, 8/17/12). Televised: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk, WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII, 4/1/12

    2) Buy. Even though I think the 3 hour Raws are padded out with too many video recaps, they've also allowed for some really great matches, including the kind of 20 minute IC/US Title matches I love to see on free tv. The angles in WWE are getting better with Gewirtz's departure (though the AJ/Cena thing was still kind of dumb). More guys are coming up through the indies instead of just being shat out of developmental without spending enough time cultivating their craft, leading to them being more creative in the ring. Also, Main Event was a great idea for a show and I'm glad it exists.

    3) I saw my first live Chikara show, but, no, I haven't checked out any promotions I wasn't aware of before.

    4) Cena not being champion all year. I am in the pro Cena camp, but putting the title on him doesn't do much for him or WWE. It can give a good bump to an up-and-coming heel who would take it off of him *cough*Ziggler*cough*, but the same could be accomplished with a well-worked ladder match. Hypothetically. Mostly, people will pay to see Cena because he's John Cena, not because the champ is here or whatever, so use the belt to get other guys/feuds over, and let Cena sell tickets on the strength of him just being Cena.

    5) CM Punk, without a doubt.

  7. 1. John Cena v. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules

    2. Buy

    3. Just watch WWE

    4. New faces in WWE

    5. Daniel Bryan!