Wednesday, December 26, 2012


"...and an angry, sweaty Mark Henry!"
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It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:


- I haven't podcasted for a week, but I did write this TWB Christmas instant classic! [The Twelve Days of HOSSMAS]

- On why the NFL doesn't need Los Angeles at all [The High Phive]

- I reviewed my buddy's English brown ale home brew. [Holzerman Hungers]

Wrestling Links:

- Hey, why don't you go read Danielle Matheson's Best and Worst of Impact? It's worth it just for page 3 all by itself [With Leather]

- Ayako Hamada is Ring Belles' Wrestler of the Year. Read why! [Ring Belles]

- Jim Ross is still a great announcer, but his declaration that Undertaker should never lose his streak is a bit off base here [Cageside Seats]

- After an eventful weekend of wrestling last week, David Shoemaker hands out some of his own awards [Grantland]

- Yeah, I'm tired of hearing people say Cena should be heel and miss what's being presented right in front of their faces too [Turnbuckle Zine]

- Eric Gargiulo looks at the ten most memorable in-ring debuts ever [Camel Clutch Blog]

- Spencer Hall compiled REAL things about Hulk Hogan's new restaurant [SB Nation]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Even conservatives are rallying to the cause of gun control, as the judge who sentenced the shooter of Gabby Giffords makes his argument for it [LA Times]

- Vince Mancini reviews Les Miserables through a filter of parodying Smash Mouth's "All-Star" [Film Drunk]

- Christmas may be over, but your family visits aren't. Here are ways to annoy the family members before they invariably annoy you [Spike Eskin]

- Home Alone was pretty funny until you realize that one-third of the way through Kevin McAllister's assault on the Wet Bandits that they'd either be dead or at least braindead [The Week]

- Five unsettling things about the Rankin-Bass Christmas specials [Topless Robot]

- Burnsy compiled the top sports moments of 2012, and if you disagree with his #1, then you better like men, or else I don't know what to say [With Leather]

- Myspace Tom has taken up a second career as BURNER OF TROLLS on Twitter [UPROXX]

- Bummed the world didn't end last Friday? It's okay, here are some more apocalypses to look forward to! [Gawker]

- Hey, remember that FJM oral history from last week? Here are parts 2 and 3! [The Classical Pt 2|Pt 3]

- Bob Brookover is ONLY voting for Dale Murphy on his HOF ballot, and here's why that's kinda dumb [I Hate Prospects]

- Castro and Plichter eat a pizza constructed just for Christmas! [Doughboys]

- How to cook a goddamn pot roast [Deadspin]

- Why you maybe shouldn't intentionally miss the second of two free throws when trying to close out a game [Deadspin]

- The most spectacular buildings that were never erected [Flavorwire]

- The most stunning NHL transactions of 2012, because something's gonna have to keep you occupied until the NHL comes back [Puck Daddy]


- Here's a list of matchup kryptonite for the NFL favorites going into the postseason [Grantland]

- What the other 31 teams in the NFL would give up for Mark Sanchez. [Sports Pickle]