Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 85: Robert Newsome II

Know Vordell, know peace
Photo Credit: Online World of Wrestling
Episode 85: Heenan Family Man

Robert Newsome of the Atomic Elbow zine is back to talk about lots of things. We move around broad areas of the spectrum, including talking about some of the more troubling aspects of WWE, how the indies have become the new territory system, how pro wrestling has shed some of its sport trappings and gone into the domain of the theater kids, and about how it's completely insane that in 2013 promotions are still doing invasion angles. We spend a good amount of time talking up Chikara and how much we both enjoy the promotion that taking so much time to get excited for something like Condor Security is a hallmark of what they bring to the table. Also, there's a Rampage Pro Wrestling show this weekend that we spend some time talking up. It's got Kyle Matthews vs. Vordell Walker. Those are names you need to know. We also touch on how NXT has one of the best rosters in America, but how because of the closed nature of it, we're robbed of seeing it. Finally, we finish up by exhorting wrestling promotions to use social media and marketing a lot better.

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