Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 86: Danielle Matheson

The Shield's mastermind? MAYBE
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Episode 86: Be So Jealous

Danielle Matheson, the blog's co-newest writer and the master of the Best and Worst of Impact over at With Leather, makes her podcast debut this week. We get right into dealing with some of the reaction to her article last week on why The Rock made her feel bad and why he continues to make her feel bad. We get into some of the reasoning behind why her blowback was so bad compared to the backlash I got. We then get into talking about the Rumble and how it's not really as exciting this year because it's a foregone conclusion that John Cena is probably going to win. Danielle has her fantasy booking with Miz winning it, and I posit realities where Antonio Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and yes, THE RYBACK end up victorious. She also gets into Miz as leader of The Shield, which I corroborate with a story about how the Awesome Truth was supposed to be the original version of that angle. We get into how disappointing the treatment of women in WWE is as well. It's not all corporate and depressing, as we get into previewing National Pro Wrestling Day and how it's going to be awesome. We're both especially jazzed for the Devastation Corporation against the Latvian Proud Oak and Estonian Thunder Frog for reasons other than match quality. Finally, we end with a PSA of sorts in that you should always be proud of your wrestling fandom.

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  1. I, for one, think this is a fine quality podcast with a delightful, well-spoken guest!

    1. I concur!

      More Danielle or I riot!

    2. I would agree with that sentiment

    3. AGREED! And it's a shame that some wrestling viewers are jerks to you because you're a woman. That's wrong and they should feel bad about it.

  2. I agreed with some things on this podcast, disagreed with some of it, and really, just kind of wondered where some things even came from. It was an ok podcast, but I would be more interested in hearing a conversation with two people who don't necessarily share the same views on what is, and what isn't good in professional wrestling. Not to say that some interesting points aren't made, but I guess I just see things a tad differently.

  3. I would prefer if you only talked to other men, Thomas! Very disappointing! Guess I'm just a normal guy.

  4. I think my comment got deleted, so I'll repost it: Danielle is awesome and more people should read her work and take it seriously.

  5. Great podcast, guy & gal! More of these, please.

  6. YAY! Finally got time to listen to this! Thanks for bringing up the Rockers breaking up guys... right in the feels, still.

    Figure THREEEM is now accepted head canon. Also, angry, spiteful WWE Merch purchases as the BEST.

    But seriously, great fun listening to both of you guys chat about the 'rasslin and for fighting the good fight for those of us in the 35%. Love!