Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Your Midweek Links: Merry Christmas!

Showing off, interview style
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Hump day is on Christmas, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week a day early:

Wrestling Links:

- The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 124: Dylan Hales [Auld Lang Spynebuster]

- Exclusive interview with former WWE World Champion Dolph Ziggler [Washington Times Communities]

- The High Spot: AJ Lee, Michelle Beadle, and the top stories of the week [Place to Be Nation]

- Here's Brock Lesnar posing with Jimmy John's in grandpa pants [With Leather]

- Fact: The Shield are the highlight of 2013 [The Only Way Is Suplex]

- Why Randy Orton is the Champion we now need [Grantland]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Here are the worst movies of 2013 [Film Drunk]

- Don't sweat the technique [Butch Corp]

- Even former MRAs think MRAs are embarrassing [Jezebel]

- The problem with Riley Cooper's redemption [Deadspin]

- The Toplist: The 25 greatest Pokemon of all time [Dorkly]

- 25 more of the greatest Pokemon Fusions [Dorkly]

- 25 facts you didn't know about Saturday Night Live's venerable Bill Brasky [Pajiba]

- Keep the change, ya filthy animal [Brother Darkness Soundcloud]

- Cookin' ATVS Style: Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos [And the Valley Shook]

- How to make a ragu, which has nothing to do with jars [Foodspin]

- The eggnog you've been drinking is crap; here's the perfect eggnog recipe [Playboy SFW]

- Dinosaurs could be brought back by "devolving" birds [io9]

- McDonalds to employees: Don't eat our food, it's bad for you [Gawker]