Monday, January 27, 2014

National Pro Wrestling Day FREE for Everyone, Plus Match and Talent News

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The Siege faces its greatest challenge to date at NPWD
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein

The National Pro Wrestling Day is taking better and better form by the day. More names have been announced, more matches have been signed, but the biggest news out of the camp has been that not only will live admission for the event be free, but so will the streaming. Those who aren't fortunate enough to live near Easton or those who weren't judicious enough to plan a road trip around the event will now be able to watch the show free of charge via YouTube. Last year, the streaming was for an extra fee via Smart Mark Video on Demand, but the amount of names appearing on the show were more diverse and the travel miles logged by those talents a bit more pervasive.

As for what the audience will be seeing on Saturday, the two tentative matches have been confirmed. Shynron will battle Juan Francisco de Coronado in a no disqualification match, while the bout for La Copa Idolo has been confirmed. Joe Pittman will defend against Heidi Lovelace. In addition, three other matches have been announced with a fourth tentatively scheduled via the Twitters.

First, my suspicions were correct, as the Polar Baron's Union of the Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan, and the Brown Morning of Belarus will battle the Baltic Siege of the Estonian Thunder Frog, Latvian Proud Oak, and Lithuanian Snow Troll in trios action. I imagine that match will be the epic conclusion of their months-long feud, and I have a sinking suspicion their clash has something innately to do with the time rifts and troubles swirling around the Chikaraverse.

The second match announced is a best two-out-of-three falls contest between Drew Gulak and Colt Cabana. Both wrestlers are steeped in the English World of Sport style of grappling, so I expect at least the first fall to be very scientific and technical. Where they drive the match from that point is anyone's guess, but I am super-excited to see how it unfolds. I am an unabashed fanatic for that kind of mat grappling, and Gulak and Cabana have proven in the past to be as good as any American at those kinds of exchanges.

The third match officially listed on the watch page will pit Hallowicked against Mike Bennett. This match has residual bad blood dripping from it, as 'Wicked was the one who made Bennett tap out to the Chikara Special to win the 2012 King of Trios tournament for the Spectral Envoy. Bennett hasn't been in a Chikara ring since that event, so he will almost certainly have a receipt he'll want to give to the Nightmare Warrior.

The most tantalizing match has not been officially announced yet, but it has been strongly hinted, if not unofficially signed via Twitter conversations. Eddie Kingston, the cantankerous git who has been in a foul mood for almost a year now, will go one on one with the indies' fastest rising ace, Frank "Don't Call Me Francis" O'Rourke. O'Rourke, who works outside of the Wrestling Is family of promotions as Biff Busick, has been lighting rings on fire with his work for more than a year now. His reputation will be tested against Kingston, who is one of the premier brawlers in any promotion right now. If the Siege/Bloc Party trios match has me most excited as a fan of story, this match has me tickled most pinkly from an in-ring standpoint.

Also, two more names have been announced for the card. The first is Sonjay Dutt, who provides a bit more outsider flavor to the show. Dutt can be hit or miss for me live, but he has name cache. Guys I've not been a fan of before have come into a Chikara atmosphere and shone in the past before, so I'm keeping my hopes up. Second isn't a wrestler but an emcee. Gavin Loudspeaker might have been a no-brainer of an announcement since he's inextricably linked to Chikara and Wrestling Is as anyone. However, I'm glad for the confirmation. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. He's one of only two super-remarkable ring announcers in history to me, the other being Howard Finkel.

National Pro Wrestling Day is shaping up to be a fabulous event. I understand if this kind of wrestling doesn't tickle you, but if it does, this caliber of card offered free of charge has got to be a godsend. I know I sound like I'm giving them free advertising (and believe me, I have not been compensated a penny for any of these posts), but I'm just that excited for Saturday.