Monday, January 20, 2014

National Pro Wrestling Day News and Wrestling Is FAKEOUT

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A Siege United
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Well, quite a few wrestlers have been named to the National Pro Wrestling Day roster since the last update, five to be exact. All of them relate to the Wrestling Is family of promotions in some way, and all five are alumni from last year's event as well. Getting down to business...

The Latvian Proud Oak is the first name on the list this time around. If I'm not mistaken, his first match was at National Pro Wrestling Day last year, tagging with his Baltic Siege teammate the Estonian Thunder Frog against the Devastation Corporation. If I may divert for a second, the Devastation Corporation (all three), along with their Wrecking Crew stablemates Jaka and Oleg the Usurper destroyed Wrestling Is Respect yesterday. Using the Gekido and Dr. Cube as decoys, Sidney Bakabella's boys laid the silver hammer down upon Respect's head to make sure that it was dead.

What does this all have to do with the Baltic Siege? Well, they appear to be firmly in the resistance camp against those who wish eradication of everything Chikara from the timeline. Saturday, the Gekido and Dr. Cube tried to take down Wrestling Is Fun! at the Funplex in Easton, PA. However, the Estonian Thunder Frog stood alongside Icarus and Dasher Hatfield to turn them away and keep the place going. Both the Thunder Frog and Hatfield standing beside Icarus is not insignificant. Aside from absolutely melting Danielle's heart by a display of solidarity and friendship, they are the first two wrestlers to lend support to Icarus at a live public display (Hallowicked did so in the Ashes videos).

With all three members of The Siege now announced for NPWD, Icarus presumably has the beginnings of a formidable army. However, while the presumably Condor Security backed allied forces of certain Chikara DOOM form one lance of a pincer attack, another force lurks from the rear. The Polar Baron and the Proletariat Boar of Moldova left this message, an offer for the Siege if you will, one that they "can't refuse." Obviously, bad blood is flowing between the two like the pink slime in the sewers of New York City courtesy of the Sorrow of the Boar's home country in Ghostbusters 2. I have to wonder, however, whether this Union is a separate entity, or whether the Polar Baron himself is a representative of the Condors, the Titor Conglomerate, and the associated forces of the Vavasseur family. If so, the reckoning at National Pro Wrestling Day might be apocalyptic.

But none of the above is to deflect from the other four names added to the roster in the interim. Next on the list is the spitfire herself, Heidi Lovelace, who controversially took an epic ass-whipping in the Wrestling Is Heart showcase match at last year's event. I felt uncomfortable watching it at the time, but she did come out looking better for the experience. Her star has risen across the Midwest, as she's debuted in SHIMMER, has become a mainstay in AAW and other promotions around the Mid-South area, and even defeated Eddie Kingston in her home promotion of WIH. I am thrilled to see how much she's grown in a year as a performer.

Third, the second member of the Colony, Fire Ant will be punching his ticket to Easton. Last year, he was involved in a blithe, lighthearted atomicos match, but this year, he, along with Green Ant, seem to be at the center of some heavy stuff involving the search for their fallen comrade Soldier Ant and whether they can really trust their forced ally assailANT.

Across the ring from Fire Ant in that atomicos match were Los Ice Creams among others, and they will be returning to the fray this year as well. They are presumably going to be comic relief, but to sell them short because of that fact is a goddamn disservice to what they do in the ring. Whatever their role is in the show will end up being one of the best things on said show. Also, reminder that Los Ice Creams gave the world " ¡ME GUSTA RANDY ORTON!" at last year's show.

So yeah, things are definitely heating up within the Chikaraverse. I am pretty sure that whatever happens at National Pro Wrestling Day, nothing within the dimensional fabric will be the same. Or maybe it will be the same as it was before Chikarasaurus Rex 2012? I'm so confused...