Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Photo Credit: WWE.com

After nearly four years, Batista came back to WWE. The wardrobe screamed DOUCHEBAG, which in Batista's case is excellent. His best character work came as SPAHTLITE-hogging, John Cena-insulting, too-cool-for-school self-absorbed star. However, stated endgame reminded me more of the Batista who feuded with Randy Orton in 2009, whose main character thrust was saying "I CAN HAS TITLE SHOT?" Still, one night back is barely enough to make a full judgment. Hopefully, he'll contribute to what is quickly becoming WWE's Golden Age of HOSS in a positive way like Big E Langston, Mark Henry, Ryback, and Sheamus have, and not in the negative way like Mason Ryan did.