Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 125: Tom Keiser

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Episode 125: Bisery Miz-ness

Tom Keiser of The Classical stops by for the first podcast of 2014. We start off obviously talking about Daniel Bryan's big night Monday. We discuss whether the story has been well-executed so far, and I point out that looking at the arc from the end of Hell in a Cell puts everything in better perspective. We talk about spamming infiltration angles (Punk/Outlaws), ruminate on The Shield, and the odd way Bryan's "concussion" has been reported. We then get into some Rumble talk. We talk possible winners, including possibly Roman Reigns but more likely Bryan. Tom reminisces about the '92 Rumble and pleads with WWE to do something with CM Punk. I make an argument for postponing the inevitable Cody Rhodes/Goldust Mania match a year and give my four picks to possibly win the Rumble match. We go off-topic and talk about how wrestling was directly involved in breaking Osama bin Laden's death and Wegman's among others.

Tom then opens up about a bunch of subjects. First, he relays his story about being classmates with Joe Flacco before talking frankly about his sexuality and how it relates to his experience about a wrestling fan. He talks about dealing with wrestling's false macho bravado that people within project, and he lauds Darren Young. Tom actually has a lot of cool anecdotes from his life. We finish up by talking the WWE Network.

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