Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 126: Patrick Vint

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Episode 126: Royals Rumble

Patrick Vint of Black Heart, Gold Pants returns to the show this week. After a brief sojourn into Iowa athletics, we get into the meat of the conversation, the ROYAL RUMBLE. Pat is dismayed at the prospect of Batista coming back and winning, but I bring up the fact that WWE might be telegraphing his win a bit too hard. We discuss a bit about super-surprise wins as well before getting into Daniel Bryan, who is still not officially announced for the Rumble match itself. We chat a bit about his viability as a draw, his respite from the title picture, and how he's the most universally beloved good guy WWE has had since Steve Austin. After picking winners and going through dark horse candidates, we get into the prop bets. Discussion over the "Diesel push," iron man, surprise entrants, and wacky elimination avoidance is had, interspersed with diversions into what the best Rumble ever was and whether WWE will or should unify the secondary titles. We finish up with some Twitter questions.

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