Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Van Hammer Beats Ron Simmons!*

*- arm wrestling

Early '90s wrestling brought weirdness with it. The WWF was in the formative stages of its bright neon gear and occupational gimmick spam, but WCW had some ideas too. One such idea was the "Jesse Ventura Strongest Arm Competition," where the Body hosted a bunch of wrestlers to compete in the subject of the landmark feat in cinema, Over the Top. I'm not sure if the whole thing was a shoot or whether they actually kayfabed it. Either way, Van Hammer won and marked the biggest accolade in his entire career. For his trouble, he got a plaque and an angry Tony Atlas calling him out. Also, Jesse Ventura was dressed in a Santa suit. WHAT CONSPIRACY IS HE TRYING TO HIDE, MCMAHON?

Tip of the hat to @PhilKenSaban for this week's superstar selection.