Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Wettest Blanket in Wrestling History

Tommy Dreamer finally had done it. For years, he was ECW's whipping boy, the guy who was famous for asking if he could have another from Sandman, the one who never beat Raven, the heart and soul of the company for reasons opposite why Steve Austin or Bill Goldberg were at the core of their respective companies. But Mike Awesome went to WCW, and he set off a chain reaction that had a WCW employee defending the ECW Championship against (and losing it to) a WWE wrestler. Taz then dropped the title to Dreamer, and everyone was happy. The fans loved it. The wrestlers loved it. Fuck, even RAVEN extended his hand and embraced his longtime rival upon his ultimate triumph.

Then, Justin Credible came out and tossed a wet blanket on the whole thing. At the time, I was utterly devastated with anger and outrage. Now though? I respect Paul Heyman's troll game (even if it was borne from him being criminally negligent at best and at worst, an outright crook), and really, Credible wasn't as bad as I thought he was. Besides, how else are you gonna become the biggest heel in ECW then by destroying the most shining beacon of heroism and underdog pluck? The match isn't included though, because the fuck do you think this is, From the Archives?

Tip of the hat this week to both @mdschaeff and @ChrisCJackson for simultaneously coming up with some form of PJ Polaco. EVIDENCE: