Thursday, February 20, 2014

CIMA to Miss Dragon Gate USA This Weekend

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No uuuuuuuuuu this weekend
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein

If you were planning on heading on out to the Dragon Gate USA doubleshot this weekend to see CIMA challenge Johnny Gargano for the Open the Freedom Gate Championship, you might want to pump them brakes a bit. Gabe Sapolsky announced via Twitter that CIMA will miss this weekend's shows. CIMA was the only DG Japan wrestler to come over on this trip, and now, the shows, Saturday in Queens and Sunday in Brooklyn, will pretty much be EVOLVE shows with DGUSA pricing options. To his credit, Sapolsky offered to refund anyone dissatisfied with CIMA missing the show.

In his stead, Trent? will step up as Gargano's challenger Saturday, while his tag partner Anthony Nese will step into the match he was originally booked in against Rich Swann. Roderick Strong is still scheduled to get the title shot on Sunday. I have not seen an announcement on whether the Gargano/Trent? loser will still go up against a member of the Premier Athlete Brand, especially since Trent? belongs to said group. In other news, Tim Donst was announced as being part of the "DGUSA New Talent Initiative" going down this weekend, so this gray cloud has a darn tootin' silver lining at the very least.