Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey, You Wanna See Bill Goldberg's NFL Combine Picture, Don't You?

Photo via @sallen_87
Before Bill Goldberg was the jabroni-spearin', Hogan-jackhammerin', pyro-walkin', security guard-escortin', undefeated streak-makin' WCW juggernaut, he was a college football player for the Georgia Bulldogs and made the roster of the Atlanta Falcons. The time between the end of his college career and the draft was spent at the annual meat market disguised as a scouting venture known as the NFL Combine. For those who don't know, prospects descend on Indianapolis and perform random feats of athletic prowess for scouts who measure them and scrutinize the results like they were the nuclear launch codes. Anyway, I find Goldberg with hair on his head and none on his face to be extremely jarring, but the important thing to take from this screen grab is that television graphics have come a long, long way since the early '90s.