Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not Cool

Screen grab via @JaimsVanDerBeek

Yeah, that kid is definitely grabbing him some of Nattie Neidhart's chest. If your first reaction is "YEAH KID! GET YOU SOME!" or something like that, I feel you're part of the problem. If he gets encouragement now, then he'll learn that women are objects and that he can get away with that kind of thing for the rest of his life, and boom, the cycle continues. His entire contingent should've been thrown out of the arena. And folks why people from outside of wrestling fandom look down on those who enjoy it.

ETA: Twitter user @iowavesmusic points this out:The problem with looking a still photograph is the lack of context. The video of the incident doesn't paint the kid in the best light, although really, he looks like he takes a grab. Either way, please don't go "attaboy, kid" like he accomplished something, okay?