Monday, February 10, 2014

The Chikara Wrestle Factory Is Returning to the ECW Arena

Via the Chikara e-mail listserv

The Chikara Wrestle Factory, the school associated with the recently-returned wrestling promotion, is returning to the ECW Arena after two-plus years away. The school had been conducted in the iconic arena until it was sold and wrestling events were abruptly halted from happening there in 2012. The school was relocated to the northeastern suburbs of the city of Philadelphia in the interim.

The school's return to the historic venue is not the first sign of wrestling being welcomed back into the building. Extreme Rising ran television tapings there before the New Year, and they have another round scheduled for March 1. With the Wrestle Factory reassuming the Arena as its home base and other promotions holding shows there, I wonder if Chikara will return to having shows at the building sooner rather than later. Obviously, any news of the Arena becoming the company's Philadelphia home once more is speculation at this point, but things are looking up.