Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 129: Eamon Paton (The Inspire Pro Episode!)

This guy couldn't even walk two years ago. Now, he's main eventing the next Inspire show.
Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle/Texas Anarchy
Episode 129: Turner the Paige

Eamon Paton of the Wrestling Mayhem Show and the voice of Inspire Pro Wrestling comes on the show this week to discuss everything about the fledgling wrestling company in Austin, TX. He gets into how the company was founded and how they want to contribute to the Central Texas wrestling scene. He describes the various unknown talent who are working for the company as well as establishing his desires to be a nexus point within Texas for people to come in and show their wares for the Austin crowd. We run down the Light the Fuse card, including the inspiring story of Franco D'Angelo, who came back from paralysis to continue his wrestling career, the breakout potential of Ray Rowe, getting to work alongside Rachel Summerlyn in the broadcast booth, and the enigma that is the Great Depression. WE then get into some Twitter questions, which include dream matches, how Eamon got involved in Inspire Pro, and the role women will play in the company.

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