Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 130: Andrew Rosin

The best thing WWE ever did?
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Episode 130: The Return of the Giant Henry O. Godwinn-weed

Andrew Rosin of Bucky's 5th Quarter comes aboard the podcast this week. We dive in immediately on the pressing issue of the day, the doge sign on RAW, which actually leads to discussion about the best fan signs and whether we made our own signs for events. Next on the docket is discussion on the John Cena/Antonio Cesaro match, specifically on how Cena wrestles two different kinds of matches, and what kind of ceiling Cesaro has in WWE. We touch a bit on cheap heat gimmicks, Bad News Barrett, Vince McMahon's sense of humor, and the bad announcing. We touch on wrestling t-shirts a bit and then preview Elimination Chamber. Mainly, the Chamber itself and the huge trios match between the Wyatt Family and The Shield. Andrew makes his pick for the best replacement should Roman Reigns be ejected from the latter group as well. Andrew then gives his treatment for the WWE Films take on the Jingle All the Way sequel, one that's actually pretty engaging and heartwarming. We get into some Twitter questions, which include sidebars about dumb sports fans and the Penn State coaching search, and we both agree on which decade we'd choose to be confined into if we could only watch one decade of wrestling for the rest of our lives.

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