Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 131: Alex Torres

The coolest but sleaziest guy in the room
Photo Credit: NJPW.co.jp
Episode 131: You Give Dude Love a Bad Name

Alex Torres of Free Pro Wrestling and PW Ponderings comes back to the show. We kick things off with a bit of Chikara talk, mainly about their absence and whether they lost fans along the way. I defend the viral stuff they were doing, while also agreeing that having no Chikara was a sad thing. We then get into talk about road trips, Alex's time in Japan, and the ROH/NJPW supercards that are happening later on this year. That thread leads to a discussion about contracts in indie wrestling and then about the ostentatious entrances of New Japan. WE get into talking about the importance of a great entrance with Alex giving examples from both extremes. We step into the Twitter questions, which include sojourns on sandwiches, AAW, and Bad News Barrett, and we finish the podcast up talking at length about CZW.

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