Friday, March 7, 2014

Adam Rose and the 24/7 Party People

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When I heard the news that Leo Kruger was going to be discontinued for the man behind him to play a different character, I was disappointed. Kruger had finally found a niche by emulating the infamous Kraven the Hunter from the Amazing Spider-Man comics, and to discard him in favor of a vague sounding prima donna gimmick sounded like a bad idea. However, as with judging most ideas before they come to fruition, Adam Rose and his Rosebuds proved me wrong last night with an amazing debut on NXT. Rose hosting a rave (with Solomon Crowe on DJ duties and Kalisto as a roving light-stick acrobat even!) and then coming out with an entourage of motley looking hangers-on was the king of above-and-beyond execution on an idea that will quickly endear any character to me. I admit I had to view the entrance a second and third time to get the full appreciation for it, but his shtick in the ring was spot on as well.

I think what will make this character work best in the future is his entourage of Rosebuds. They look like they are just having the best goddamn time out there dancing to the ring, letting Rose crowd-surf on them, and then waiting for him at the top of the ramp. The Kruger character might have been great from a critical standpoint, but not only is this Rose persona just as entertaining, it might actually get the man, who has been in developmental since 2010 for crying out loud, to the main roster in a meaningful manner.