Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ANNOUNCING - The Wrestling Blog Retro Live Tweets: WrestleMania II

Come watch and tweet about the Lost WrestleMania with me!
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Mass, coordinated live tweeting of old wrestling events has become all the rage amongst the corner of the wrestling fan universe I inhabit. Those tweet-ups have been rallied around torrents from shady Russian hubs, bad rips on YouTube, or DVDs that may or may not be in everyone's possession. The WWE Network, however, has provided the best gift for dorks like you and I who gather around classic events to watch through a modern lens in its expansive video on demand library. The confluence of these events has led me to jump into the fray and announce that a week from tonight, I am going to experiment with my own mass live-tweet of a past event.

I am pleased to introduce The Wrestling Blog Retro Live Tweet Series, where I invite all of you readers and Twitter followers to join along with me as I watch a classic event and tweet my observations to the world. The first installment of this series will happen Wednesday, March 12 at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. The event?

WrestleMania II

Brandon Stroud and the International Object podcast both discussed the second installment in WWE's tentpole event, the first to be offered on pay-per-view. However, only so much can be gleaned out of reading about or listening to folks discuss the event. I want to get the experience of watching the event that has gone down in history as the Lost WrestleMania. As with the standard live tweet, a hashtag will be associated with the whole proceeding. When tweeting about the show, use the tag #TWBManiaII. I will search the tag and compile the funniest, smartest, and most insightful tweets during the event.

I will remind you copiously over the next week, but if this shindig is something you might be interested, let me know. And hey, if you don't have WWE Network, please don't feel like you can't participate. If you have a torrent file, a YouTube rip, or want to watch your DVD, I still want you to participate. Everyone who wants to participate, please do so any way you can. Let's make this first communal event a smash!