Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buff Bagwell Is Back, in Pog Form!

Buff Bagwell is taking a break from his alleged foray into gigolodom to wrestle on Memorial Day weekend. He has been announced as the third entrant in the third annual JT Lightning Memorial Tournament for Absolute Intense Wrestling, a marked departure from the Chikara-flavored first two entrants, Tim Donst and UltraMantis Black (both former Absolute Champions, by the by). In fact, I would say that Bagwell is the most AIW guest star ever given his recent past. I have no idea if Bagwell still "has it," nor do I really recall if he ever had it to begin with. I didn't have the same eye for match quality back when he was active in WCW that I do now. However, the announcement is interesting and timely in a strange way. I guess the only question is whether Bagwell will actually advance in the tournament, but I'm going to wait and see about the other 21 entrants who have yet to be named first.