Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buff Bagwell, Male Gigolo?

What a headshot
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Via SLAM! Sports

Buff Bagwell always said he was "the stuff" when he was an active wrestler. He had a sculpted physique, oozed what he thought was swag at least, and his most iconic pre-nWo tag team saw him with Scotty Riggs affect the wardrobe and mannerisms of male strippers at the very least. That art has now become possible foreshadowing for real life, as Bagwell has been linked to the male escort service, Cowboys4Angels, in the Atlanta area. He has a profile and everything on the service's site, and he even appeared on the Showtime documentary series Gigolos:

The term "gigolo" usually refers to a male prostitute, although escort services can exist because they don't advertise sex (obvs). Bagwell, who survived a pretty gnarly car crash two years ago, has aged well and looks like someone who would appeal to those who find men attractive. I think him living in reality the implied character of his American Males character is hilarious, but hey, if he can make a living without accruing even more CTE, more power to him, I suppose.