Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Champions of the Galaxy: From the Cards to the Ring

Help bring Wolf and his friends to life
Art by Darryl Banks
Via Kickstarter

Filsinger Games has been at the forefront of table top card games for wrestling for a long time. The company has made sets for Chikara, SHIMMER, Ring of Honor, and plenty of other independent promotions, but it's also delved into combining science fiction with pro wrestling. The company's Champions of the Galaxy game is a wrestling table top card game that takes place in a futuristic galactic empire setting. The series has actually been in publication for almost 30 years now. While playing cards stokes the imagination, nothing comes close to seeing the characters clash in the ring, an impossibility until now.

The people behind the cards are going to put together a one-off show based on that Champions of the Galaxy game with an accompanying documentary. The show is slated tentatively for July 11 of this year, but the project needs your help to finance. As with any Kickstarter project, if you contribute, you'll get perks proportionate to your donation. The show will not be lacking of names either. Gavin Loudspeaker and Alex Reynolds are two of the names associated with the project, and I'm sure even more will be announced when more funding gets promised.

If you liked projects like the Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions and want more people pushing boundaries within the art of professional wrestling, give some consideration to this project. Wrestling and science fiction are two genres that have only dabbled with each other, but I think they would be happy partners if mixed even more. Help Filsinger Games make this a reality.