Friday, March 14, 2014

KFC: The Independent Chicken

The most recent Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial is notable for featuring two familiar faces. On one side, Colt Cabana puts his arm on the table opposite Cliff Compton. They arm wrestle for the right to dip their piece of chicken in the dipping sauce. No spoilers, so you'll have to watch to see who wins. A few questions, though:
  • What does Subway have to think about Cabana flocking to another fast food joint?
  • Did KFC try to get Great Power Uti but bail when he refused to drop his saxophone entrance?
  • Did KFC execs ask for No Holds Barred and get Over the Top by mistake?
  • Does fried chicken count as "eating clean" if you take the skin off it?
  • When will Col. Sanders be on the Art of Wrestling?
Either way, I'm glad to see two indie wrestlers getting some extra cash on the side. I hope it leads to other indie guys getting endorsement deals. Kevin Steen could earn MAJOR coin as a zoo spokesman, for example...