Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Matches, The Movie: Metro Pro Wrestling Returns in June

Via the Metro Pro site

Metro Pro Wrestling closed its doors last June. The company promised that the closure wouldn't be permanent, and on June 14, it will keep that end of the bargain. The promotion will put on its first card in over a year with The Matches, The Movie at Turner Rec Center in Kansas City, KS. The special event will feature some of Metro's best and brightest superstars to be named in the coming weeks, and the show will conclude with a special screening of Scott Kessler's documentary about the company, Wrestless.

The announcement on the site didn't specify whether this show is a one-night-only thing or heralding a permanent return. Either way though, the show will be a win-win. If it is only one final show, then the company will get a chance to go out on its own terms. If it's the first show in a revival of the promotion, which might make sense given its affiliation with United Wrestling TV, then hey, wrestling has regained another strong company back in its ranks. This news is welcomed and fantastic.