Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: A Little Bit of Arrogance Goes a Long Way

Okay, so this week's Throwback Thursday entry doesn't exactly happen at WrestleMania, but the incident in question leads directly to one of the best and most creative Mania matches of all-time. For whatever reason, Brother Love double-booked his weekly talk show with Rick "The Model" Martel and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Martel was out hawking his new fragrance, Arrogance, which he had in a comically oversized, industrial-grade atomizer. Love accused Roberts' snake of "smelling," and you could probably guess what happened next. The best part of the whole act was that Big Boss Man came out for the save. The two had a mutual foe prior in Rick Rude, and I generally just dig when good guys are actually friends with other good guys.

This week's topic comes to us from @OMGitsOFS and Kieran Shiach, the latter who recently had me on his podcast and is a good dude.