Thursday, March 20, 2014

Was Wirst Du Tun, Wenn Cesaromanie Läuft Wild auf Dich, Bruder?

Yes, the above video depicts Antonio Cesaro interviewing Hulk Hogan auf Deutsch and the Hulkster proceeding to urge Cesaro to enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale. It's only two minutes long, and I found it to be an insanely fun watch. Cesaro is still engaging and charming speaking a non-native tongue, and the Hulkster still has "it" if the aforementioned pronoun refers to cutting some energetic promos. I also dug that Hogan did not at any point chide Cesaro for speaking one of his native tongues (Switzerland has three predominant languages). Then again, the above interview was on YouTube/the Dot Com, not RAW, where it is free from the treacherous hands of WWE Creative and Vince McMahon.

A tip of the hat to Chikara senior official Bryce Remsburg for bringing this video to my attention.