Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did You Pay Your Taxes?

Photo Credit: WWE.com

April 15 is a miserable day for most people, but Irwin R. Schyster is not like most people. WWE's most famous pencil-pushing former Tag Team Champion is in his glory today. WWE's mid '90s occupational gimmick bonanza had mixed results, but the IRS character was so dry and represented an entity so loathsome that it became one of the most effective and entertaining ones of the era. Of course, every child rebels against his or her father at some point, which explains why his one son decided to run off and found a crazy cult of hillbillies. Nothing could be further from the ethos of bureaucracy than squatting in a swamp trailer and talking about taking down the machine. I bet Thanksgiving is weird around that house, especially with Bo Dallas running around, making hand turkeys and trying so desperately to keep the arguments from getting hotter than the turkey...