Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finisher Bracket, FINAL MATCHUP

Okay, okay, I muffed up. I totally forgot about the Finisher Bracket yesterday. My actions warranted a sarcastic "YOU FUCKED UP!" chant from the ECW Arena crowd. However, today is a great day for voting on the best finisher in WWE history, isn't it? In one corner is the Stone Cold Stunner, the most iconic finisher of the most popular period in wrestling. If Steve Austin hit you with the Stunner, you weren't getting up. If Disco Inferno or Vince McMahon hit you with it, well... if Steve Austin hit you with it, you weren't getting up.

In the other corner is the one of the first and most beloved top-rope finishers ever, the flying elbow drop. "Macho Man" Randy Savage made sweet physical poetry coming off the top with his signature match ender. From the out-stretching of the arms to the final impact, Savage made sure his finisher matched the music that would play afterwards. Just don't conflate his execution of the move with that of CM Punk's.


The fate of the wrestling finisher cosmos depends on YOU! VOTE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER VOTED BEFORE!