Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Nancy Grace Pt. 2

Being an awful misogynist to her doesn't help
Photo via IMDB
Nancy Grace made a lot of enemies in the wrestling world when she hurled a lot of misinformation at her viewers regarding the death of Warrior last week. Obviously, she would end up receiving a lot of backlash, and most of it was deserved. If one wants to shed light on a topic, that person would be best served to do research beforehand not lump in folks who died of stomach cancer, car accidents, and on-screen deaths due to corporate negligence as part of the growing drug problem within wrestling. However, since the time of her ill-advised report, I've seen a lot of terrible, unnecessarily misogynist backlash directed at her.

Calling Grace out on her misinformation is correct and should be done. But some folks decided to stoop to the levels of body-shaming her. Others decided they would reduce her to a person whose worth was tied to sex. Still others I've seen around the Twitters thought it great to call her the c-word, but only after saying she really, really deserved that title unlike other women.

Driving the narrative to such base levels steeped in blasting the commentator for who she is rather than what she said not only takes attention away from her misinformation, but it's why wrestlers and fans can't have nice things. Grace's looks, sex appeal, and gender have as much to do with her report as the hair on my back, but women today still have to face those barriers before they can be taken seriously in discussion. Furthermore, the base, sexist behavior of folks who use those tactics to attack Grace end up taking attention off her misinformation and onto them when they're called out for ugly behavior.

Men, by and large, don't have to face this kind of off-topic bashing. Colin Cowherd gets called an idiot for the things he says, but his looks are not belittled on the level that Grace's are, and no one is saying that he's not to be taken seriously because he's undesirable in the bedroom. That double standard is fucked up beyond all recognition. The promoters aren't the only misogynists in wrestling, it seems.

Grace tackled a real problem in wrestling with all the dignity and respect as a creationist trying to come at Neil deGrasse Tyson for Cosmos. She needs to be corrected so that she can actually help alleviate the drug problem wrestlers tend to have, but going after her for reasons that don't have a goddamn thing to do with her platform not only takes attention away from the issue, but it further mollifies her distaste for the industry. It will keep her cycle of ignorance going because the outcry against her is so virulent that she doesn't see the art as being worth respecting.

So if you're among the people who want to call her a c***, don't. Don't body-shame her or even mention sex. And certainly don't say she doesn't have the right to commentate because of her gender. If you want to do any of that, you are the fucking problem, full stop.