Monday, April 14, 2014

RIP Pegaboo

In happier times with LuFisto
Photo Credit: Christopher Codina/Dirty Dirty Sheets
Pegaboo, LuFisto's intrepid life partner and ring companion, was dismembered this weekend at the hands of Sweet Saraya Knight. Knight appeared with Pegaboo after LuFisto's loss to Yumi Ohka at Vol. 65 and decapitated the poor spirit guide right in front of her in an attempt to release LuFisto's inner rage. Well, she was successful, only instead of focusing her rage on Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez, LuFisto went right after Knight.

Pegaboo is survived by LuFisto, obviously, as well as her brother Big Baby. The two were estranged after the latter took up a controversial position as Lotso Hugginbear's head of security at Sunnyside Daycare.