Friday, April 4, 2014

The One Where I Preview WrestleMania, #B1G Style

We talk about Bryan/HHH and more
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Black Heart, Gold Podcast Episode 134

Patrick Vint of Black Heart, Gold Pants was kind enough to have me and three Penn State dudes from Black Shoe Diaries, Adam Collyer, Bill DiFillipo, and Dan Vecellio, to talk WrestleMania. We preview the entire show, top to bottom, and talk about how the Divas clusterfuck is a microcosm for the division, who can possibly end The Streak in the future, whether John Cena or Bray Wyatt is the actual favorite to win that match, and whether WWE is stupid enough to have someone other than Daniel Bryan walk out of Mania as Champion. I also break out a couple of wrestler impersonations. Which ones? YOU'LL HAVE TO LISTEN TO FIND OUT, BROTHER.