Thursday, April 10, 2014

The "Shocked Streak Fan" Got an Interview on

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Via the Dot Com

Ellis Mbeh, or the "shocked Streak fan" from WrestleMania XXX who became a meme, got to sit down with for an interview. The piece itself is standard fare, but how cool is it that this guy actually got to sit down with the company and talk about his reaction to what happened at one of its events? Mbeh claims he was rooting for Brock Lesnar to win, but he never thought that he'd see Undertaker lose, ever, hence the reaction. He also challenged "Brock Lesnar Guy" to a weightlifting competition at WrestleMania 31, and says he'd beat him handily. I hope Vince McMahon doesn't read the Dot Com, because if he did, then he probably got a priapism from a fan of the company actually suggesting his most favorite thing in the whole wide world.