Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Sarge Is a Sore Loser

Sometimes, not all the juicy bits of plot advancement or resolution happen on camera at WrestleMania. For example, WrestleMania VII had Randy Savage reunite with Miss Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan reinstate truth, justice, and the American way by soaring into Los Angeles on a bald eagle and cracking the Liberty Bell over Iraqi traitor Sgt. Slaughter's bald head. After winning back the World Wrestling Federation Championship for a then-unprecedented third time (Triple H, stop laughing), he sauntered backstage with Mean Gene Okerlund getting some EXCLUSIVE words for the Coliseum Home Video crowd. Of course, they got to the locker room, and BOOM, Slaughter was there waiting for him with a fireball. I remember tuning into Superstars the next week for some happy recaps of what I watched on pay-per-view, only to see Jim Neidhart in his best disgusted newsman voice say how much of a lowlife Slaughter was. Good times!

This week's inspiration comes jointly from @IHateBD, TWB's favorite Gravity Falls superfan, and @lizroscher, neophyte wrestling fan and head blog type at SB Nation's Phillies team blog, The Good Phight. The former gave me Slaughter and the latter Hogan, and BOOM, magic.